Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TC: Under the Fortune Palms


File:Henri Rousseau - The Flamingoes.jpg

Some people think meanings are hard to find
In the 1980’s decade of great emptiness
Among the bungalows of Samarkand
I stood under the fortune palms
And watched for a sign to blow by
In the throbbing Santa Ana
But all that came my way
Was the remote echo of a woman’s voice
From down around Xanadu Street
Calling for her dog to stay

The Flamingoes: Henri Rousseau, 1907 (private collection)


Elmo St. Rose said...

the blue muse peaked out
in the 70's and 80's
and I believe you were watching

fullness, the other side of the

Charles said...

some of my favorite words of
Bob Dylan

"When you're lost in the rain
in Juarez and it's Easter time too
When your gravity fails and
negativity won't pull you through"

TC said...

Tom Thumb's Blue Period, 1966 (for Charles)

(How did he/we survive it?)