Thursday, November 19, 2009

TC: A Glimpse of Hope


for Charlie Vermont

The bloom is short lived
evanescent spring
and fall after all -- C.V.

Yes it's odd
how short the spring
how long the fall
and another thing
a poem
found in the lining
of an old winter coat


charlie vermont said...

a poem in an old coat
does it float?
will it cross a moate?
in the American commonplace: hope

a castle for heliotropes/I once knew a man by the side of the road
and I said the darkness surrounds us and he said: find an eye nye
find an ear
to be clear

TC said...

I Know a Man

As I sd to my
friend, because I am
always talking...

(R. Creeley)

"Speech, though it deludes physical force, is incapable of restraint. Its flow is a parody accompanying the stream of consciousness, thought itself, whose unswerving autonomy acquires an aspect of foolishness -- manic foolishness -- once it enters reality in the form of discourse, as if thinking corresponded with reality, when in fact the former is superior to the latter merely by virtue of distance. But this distance is also anguish."

(Theodor Adorno)

CV said...

Cartesian dispute
lives in a house
of ill-repute

wormwood they used to say
cancer the verbiage now

how about the flash of skin
with which we all begin

TC said...

"Gotta lose this skin
I'm imprisoned in"

(The Clash)

all right, but that
still leaves the burning
question of the meat
strung across the bones
inside the skin

...strange fires...

The green flash

CV said...

"the meat strung across the bones
inside the skin"

human moans all next of kin

yours in Christ yr friend said
something to think about since
shortly we will all be dead

I've searched for this flash of
this green flash of dreams
a bit of waltz with a momentary
better than the other things
we choose
down by the seaside

CV said...

the idea: being blessed by
coincidence of optical phenomena
due to refraction and mirage on
a clear horizon, reaffirming your
good luck, your sanctity, your
privileges in poetry

self delusion,cheerleading,
get everything in unison

a little musical spell
from Archie Bell and the Drells
"Don't lighten up tighten up"

Most days I'd rather lighten up
than tighten up.
Virgina slim has sores on her foot,
one day she'll lose it.
Pneumonia took happy girl down.
A pit bull took the life of a little guy.
Her brother died of leukemia,
pneumonia and a heart attack

Flash of Green, the movie, with
Ed Harris and Blair Brown....great
story about human courage and

It's harder to tell songs of
innocence than experience and
it is one of the rationals for
rhyming though some poets today
would considerate it almost a sin

Charlie Vermont said...

re my first comment:a correction

over 40 years ago it was a big
deal for me to meet a one-eyed
man who could see

so through osmosis as well as
everything else

a nye is a flock or brood

what I meant for myself and those
who learned from R.Creeley was

Keep an Eye Nigh
Keep an Ear
To be clear

it's not just poetic advice