Sunday, November 8, 2009

TC: The Light of the World at 9000 Feet


File:Stellers jay - natures pics.jpg

A big
blue jay
with electric black
and a simonized
about him
flashes into
the aspens
like sheet


Steller's Jay: photo by Alan D. Wilson, 2006

Aspens changing color in mid fall: photo by Zephyr Glass, 2007


Anonymous said...

I am really liking this 'big bossy-crested blue jay'
The colours of both pictures very warming to ones eyes.

Anonymous said...

PS few words but those few, project a vivid image of such in my mind. Know that.

TC said...


Well you know how blue jays are, so imperious and squawky, especially when an unaccustomed visitor dares penetrate their air space, they're the opposite of hospitable about that.

And yes, I'd love to fly off with the bluejay into those lovely warm aspens -- though I know that at this time of year it would be wicked cold in there at night (same site as found in that other little poem about the aspens with the wind dithering in them, "Eldora".)

Dips Recipes said...

Appreciate your bllog post