Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TC: Mnemonic


File:'Udaipur, 1916' woodblock print by  Charles Bartlett, 1917 .jpg

If on the moon palace stairs
A thin wash of water colour bleeding

Across the body chemistry frontier blurs,
As traffic slowly hones the blade of evening

And scatters its eyes across dusk's drift and growth,
That sharp outline we think of as reality,

It would perhaps be time to go to Plan B --
That is, to try to remember the colours of the morning.

File:'Taj Mahal, Sunset', woodblock by  Charles W. Bartlett, 1920.jpg

Udaipur: Charles W. Bartlett, 1916 (Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts)
Taj Mahal, Sunset: Charles W. Bartlett, 1920 (Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts)