Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TC: Hope


The happiness promised in names like Lord's
Valley and Wind Gap recedes like the fading
Of a rainbow, yet hope walks in anyway,
Where there's life she's there--nature's utopian
Possibility remains part of the scheme
As long as there's a breeze to blow the past away.

File:Rainbow from the air 3.JPG

Study of Sorrel, Cow Parsley and Willow Saplings: Peter De Wint, 1805-1810 (Whitworth Art Gallery)
Rainbow (taken from helicopter): photo by Mila Zinkova, 2007


Anonymous said...

Someone once told me how important it is for a writer to end with words that will stay in the readers mind, long after their eyes have caressed the words. You often do such Thomas. More often than not, I am thinking. Like with so.....'As long as there's a breeze to blow the past away' Absolutely!

TC said...


That was a wise someone indeed.

There's a show biz adage, "Always leave 'em laughing."

Another bit of wisdom.

Oft, alas, have I forgot to regard this.

But if not a laugh, then a smile. And if not a smile, then a quiet exclamation. And a breath of fresh air.

(Which by the way you don't wait for your endings to dispense; you bring it in with you when you arrive, always such a blessing!)