Thursday, April 23, 2009

TC: Where Is the House of My Friend?

In the false-dawn twilight
a rider enquired of a passer-by:
Where is the house of my friend?
The sky paused
The passer-by held a branch of light
which brushed the dark sand

He pointed to an aspen:
before you reach that tree
turn off at the garden path
that leads into a space more green
than any god could dream
and go down that path
as far as the wings of honesty can reach

Continue beyond the end
of the first part of your life
and then turn again
take two steps
toward a flower that grows alone
at the foot of the fountain
of the story of the earth
stop and you will be swallowed up
by fear transparent as water

In the closeness of the space that flows
something rustles
in one of the surrounding pines
a child has climbed up
to pluck a young bird
from a nest made of light
and you call out to that child

Where is the house of my friend?

(after Sorab Sepehri)

Where is the Friend's House?


from Where Is the Friend's House, dir. Abbas Kiarostami, 1987


human being said...

TC... this is marvelous!
have you translated it from Farsi?
do you know Persian? are you of Iranian origin?

oh you made my day... it feels so good to see such things from such great people like you...

i've translated this poem too...(The Address by Sepehri)years ago when i was a university student... i'll try to find it and put it up just for you...

thanks for letting me know about this...

a few hours ago when i visited you, i added you to the list of my friends and will tour you blog soon...


TC said...

Dear human being,

Well, I guess I like to consider myself a citizen of the world, though I'm able to move around in it and get to know people only in the way we're doing right now.

I'd be delighted (and honoured) if you were to put up your Sepehri version, I'll be watchful as a crow.