Saturday, April 11, 2009

TC: "All I want to do..."

All I want to do
is to go
back to
and let the wind blow
right through me
in the parking lot
by the Trailways Depot


TC said...

This minim-poem from the minim-book A Short Guide to the High Plains reminds that brevity is the soul of widgets, so, to be brief, it is dedicated to the memory of Ed Dorn, who called it "beyond observation. When it gets down to the haunting necessities of the mind, 'All I want to do/ is to go/ back to/ Pueblo/ and let the wind blow/ right through me/ in the parking lot/ by the Trailways depot.' Beyond any explanation. A masterpiece of uncontrollable want."

The bus station was indeed windy that day. And is now long gone. The mementos though remain, thanks to the wonderful site Trailways Forever Memories, whence they come.

Dale said...

Tom, yes, this is amazing--the way those long o's roll through the poem. Reminds me of filling stations in the 70s in New Mexico and Colorado as a kid and the wild expanse of things, and hope, and dream--and this being all there is. The Hopper painting above reminds me what a great sense of American space (inner and outer) he had. Anyway, thanks--always good to return to these poems.

TC said...


Well, something definitely rolled though someone.

I was waiting to catch a bus from Pueblo to Albuquerque, that day, and the windswept Trailways Depot parking lot, where I loitered, had that cyclonic blow-through feeling with which, as a native of such spaces, you are doubtless familiar.

As to the Hopper space--I'm more and more seeing the inner. For sometime I've been annoying people by asking what they thought were the thoughts of the two girls having lunch in Chop Suey (!929).

edward hopper's women

TC said...

Well, someone should have said that something rolled through (not "though") someone.