Friday, April 10, 2009

TC: Portal

File:Blessing genie Dur Sharrukin.jpg

Winged genie with pollen and pollen-bucket : Assyrian bas-relief, 8th c. B.C.

At a dark portal between cosmic realms
A wizard found himself stood up by the Morning Star--
Evening his element as the Rain God's is water.

She who has the power of giving flowers
Promises everything is alive
As long as the night sky stays fresh and new.

"Only a moment here on earth.
It is untrue that we have come
To live here on earth."

The hand and foot prints on the rock suggest
The presence of unseen
Beings who have been here

Before us. The air, god-charged.
The words, cut from the same stone
That will lie over us,

Have been given only a moment
To prepare that place to
Which we have been sent.

On a golden dais laid over the broken stones
In the declining shadow
Between the rising of the Morning Star

And the setting of the Evening Star
The palace of the Smoking Mirror is built.
The second temple is not like the first.

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