Sunday, April 19, 2009

TC: Hush, Hush


File:Juan Gris 001.jpg

for Ted Berrigan

I know these radio waves
are being stored away
in my brain somewhere
even tho I’m not here
to pay any attention
to them

They’ll come back later as
variety shows and UHF cabaret

This is what I was thinking, Ted

For instance, while I was
writing this
the following music
came into my head:

Overture to Sonata for Trumpets & Strings
by Henry Purcell
Miles Davis: Ssh… Peaceful
Jimmy Reed: Hush, Hush

Ted Berrigan by Alex Katz

The Sunblind: Juan Gris, 1914 (Tate Gallery)
Ted Berrigan: Alex Katz, 1967

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