Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TC: The Things They Left Behind


File:Antologica Opera XXXVIII.png

Two beautifully clothed things stood on the thing under the thing refusing to accept given things of thing.

Their things touched and stretched out to the things like infinite things.

File:2006-08-20 - United States - New Mexico - The Thing.jpg

He nodded toward the thing and returned his opera things to the thing in the duchess's thing.

A thing and a thing and a few assorted things, that night, had to be left behind.

File:Antologica Opera XXVIII.png

Text: adapted from TC, John's Heart, 1972

Antologica Opera XXXVIII
: Maurizia Manfredi, 2006: photo by Bourochejm, 2008
The Thing/What Is It?: photo by Colin Gregory Palmer, 2006
Antologica Opera XVIII: Maurizia Manfredi, 2006: photo by Bourochejm, 2008


bowiehagan said...

these notes from the SEAFARER of EP :

storms, beaten, fell
in icy feathers...

...with spray on his pinions,

leaving the action and the object...

"I seem to see a lady wonderful
Spring forth between her lips"

TC said...

Between the action and the object fell
The thing...

bowiehagan said...

Just as I read the words...
the rain