Sunday, October 25, 2009

TC: Hans Bellmer


Why does Bellmer's
art express so well
the fallenness of men
their living under this spell
as if out of each one
had come another
who walks beside that one
and bears that one's name
but feels nothing

La mitrailleuse en état de grâce (The Machine Gun[neress] in a State of Grace)


Child and Seeing Hands: Hans Bellmer, c. 1950 (Art Institute of Chicago)
La mitrailleuse en état de gråce (The Machine Gun[neress] in a State of Grace): Hans Bellmer, 1937 (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
Autoportrait: Hans Bellmer, 1971 (Bibliotheque Nationale de France)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know. Maybe he was a chap that knew himself (as a person) better than anyone and there fore could express such in his art work. For underneath it all we are all pretty much alike, I am thinking.
You ask so much in nine lines and thirty eight words.