Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TC: It Is Getting Late (May 1819)


File:Vinca February 2008-1.jpg

Half bottle of claret drunk alone--a soft
Dusk falls in this dragon world of men
Who cannot see what flowers are at their feet
Once the swarming of phenomena begins

Better perhaps to guess than to see
Those flowers of death's close growth and breathing,
Lustrous, fragrant, spongy, aethereal,
Shadowy thought left to supply its own

Earth-figuring text finds this evanescent
Diffuse sense efflorescing, this slow
Faint luminous phosphorescence rising
From the forever speculative ground

File:Epiphyllum anguliger1Emma Lindahl.jpg

Greater periwinkle (Vinca major): photo by Alvesgaspar, 2008
Epiphyllium anguliger: photo by Emma Lindahl, 2006

From TC: Junkets on a Sad Planet: Scenes from the Life of John Keats

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