Monday, May 11, 2009

TC: Nine Songs


College Music

Students walk back and forth
Between large, squarish buldings,
Carrying their books.

Airplane Music

The plastic trays on the
Laps of the passengers
Jiggle up and down.

TV Music

At 3 a.m., television tells
its secrets to the
armchair sleeper.

Sex Music

Wiry pubic hairs
scratch against each other
deep in the condominium.

Baseball Music

A hot dog paper blows across
the infield, passing into
shadows near third base.

File:225 South Sixth from street.jpg

Office Music

The hanged man’s voice
emerges from the dress
of the secretary.

Hospital Music

At night the noises of
those breathing
make a difficult muzak.

Bar Music

He tilts his head
back, and pours his
drink into it.

Highway Music

The cars go by
just like they did


Sun Bowl pregame show, U. of Minnesota marching band: photo by Michael Hicks, 1999

225 South Sixth, Minneapolis: photo by Mulad, 2005

An animated traffic light (clicking the image stops or continues the animation): Manuel Strehl, 2005.

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