Thursday, May 7, 2009

TC: Adversary


Echoes rebound in the ancient ball court

In the arena along the storied river

The hangdog crowd disperses having seen

Anger erupt on the ancient ball court

The last fragmenting of a human dream

A final F-bomb dropped on a machine

F-bomb dropped on a machine

Didier Drogba/Ledley King: Tom Clark, 2008

Great ballcourt, Chichen Itza: photo by Laura Scudder, 2005


Dale said...

Tom, thanks for this (and the painting)....

TC said...

And thank you, Dale. It's only a detail from the painting in fact. The other man in it is Michael Essien, who would been Chelsea's hero on the day. Had not fate and Andres Iniesta intervened, leaving Didier Drogba to drop an F-bomb on a machine (the camera).

BTW Jack Kimball chipped in privately with a useful bit of hypertext, or shall we simply call it improvement:

"Thinking about Manny this morning, I wanted to read your second line as 'the steroid river'. Close, so close."

Curious how poems change day by day, often for the better.