Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TC is Reading my Mind

This is too weird — and great! As I left the cafe 'S Nice on Friday after attempting to speak German for an hour, my mind slightly garbled, I noticed The Kinks were playing on the box. Okay, it was "You Really Got Me," but as I walked out onto 8th Avenue, the song continued in my head, and I started to think about the opening guitar riff, how the success of the song depends on that, the rhythm and the right amount of raunchiness in the sound. I made a mental note: another record to introduce to Oliver and Isaac. I'd actually got them Arthur, or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, a couple of years ago, but thought I had "You Really Got Me" on vinyl. I actually don't, which is fine, as I can hear it clear as day. Then I checked the blog and saw the TC post below.


TC said...

What better cure for having attempted to speak German for an hour!

VANITAS said...

Yes, getting down to the primal tongue.