Monday, October 8, 2012

TC: 1968



Die Schiefe Ebene der Szalajkabahn in Ungarn
: photo by E. Scherer, 2007


All the while I was
being numbered and

stored by history
as an example
of something
as flat and thin
as a picture
in a textbook
or an image
on film
I remained under
the illusion I was
merely living


Goldfinches: photo by Monster 2000, 2008


Hazen said...

Or something perhaps as thin as a computer punch card (oh relic of the time!), which we were warned not to ‘fold, spindle or mutilate’ . . . but which we did anyway. Life, and other illusions.

TC said...

Ah, how all that folding, spindling and mutilating, over the problematic three-dimensional span of the years, takes its toll!