Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TC: Last Bus


Golden Gate: Gerhard Richter, 1989, oil on photograph, 10 x 15 cm (Gerhard Richter Art)

The last bus one hour and twelve minutes late
at the bleak nearly deserted downtown stop
and when I enquire of the only person waiting
at the kiosk
whether the bus may have already gone past
He says Fuck off don't you try to talk to me
and turns his back
and high above him atop the new tower block
the giant neon lights advertising
the hotel that wasn't there the last time I looked
flash on and off
advertising the five luxury dining rooms.

Tom Clark: Last Bus, from Truth Game (BlazeVOX, 2013)

Untitled (1.5.89): Gerhard Richter, 1989, oil on colour photograph, 15 x 10 cm (Gerhard Richter Art)

File:LandsEnd 665.JPG

Beach at Land's End: photo by DaNASCAT, 4 July 2010

File:Golden Gate Bridge architecture 18.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge: cracks and spalling to the paintwork due to relative movements of the steel cable: Golden Gate Bridge architecture: photo by Tewy, 19 July 2006


Suicide prevention message, Golden Gate Bridge: photo by David Corby, 19 February 2006


ACravan said...

That describing a situation so unpleasant, discomfiting, even threatening, and combining it with various images, can create an impression of beauty and a feeling that I can now get on with my day in a better way than I thought I could before I encountered "Last Bus" is surprising, amazing, something to be grateful for. "Cracking and spalling" -- I'll remember that and the Richter forever. Curtis Roberts

TC said...

Thanks, Curtis. Unfortunately, the picture is drawn from life. Plenty of cracking and spalling here lately, but nothing off the Richter.

Unknown said...

The Richters are really terrific. Curtis