Monday, March 25, 2013

TC: The Greeks


Scarlet cloud: photo by JarNondo, 1 January 2007

Deep in the air the past appears
As unreal as air to the boy
Or the apple of the world
To a girl whose eyes are pale and mild
Her hair is probably not real gold
Only a good imitation of the Greeks’
Like a map of that world of early days
Where woman lives on a scarlet cloud
While man in colorless blunt noon
Splashes up at the blue variables
That pass by on an airplane of words
Into the sky which distributes gifts of
Rain and light over our lives equally
Infinite gifts we are unable to behold

Sky: photo by Cristina Bozzoli, 2008 
This post dedicated to the eminent Greek scholars Isaac and Oliver


vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...


Trite as it might seem, this poem is not
Greek to me and I shall say it again

As if in a dream.

TC said...

Many thanks, esteemed colleague.

In the golden years here at Sepia Pond, where all that glitters is invisible to us due to a prevalent communal myopia, we rely on our generous younger friends for instruction.

Thus the dedication.

And of course the occasion of the post will have been readily apparent to you.

Some of the more spry and nimble among us here in Mason City were out celebrating yesterday, despite the sub-freezing temperatures on Greek Independence Day.

VANITAS said...

The wind tells us

that the Greeks

are coming — not a

strong wind, but a

constant one.

Marie W said...

The airplane of words has distributed the most wonderful of presents today. One that can be opened day after day, and which value increases with every untying of the ribbon. The airplane of gratitude needs to deliver a myriad of parcels.

TC said...

These words from friends lend new meaning to the concept of Special Delivery.