Monday, November 7, 2011

TC: Boats


Ralston Crawford - Boat and Grain Elevators No.2 - 1942 - The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.

All the inconsequential memoria
Seeping into the monody: voyages,
Purposes, cargos, ports of call whose names,

Long since forgot, returned to him in dreams
Only to be forgot again by morning --
Supposing those were really dreams, and this morning.

Boat and Grain Elevators No. 2: Ralston Crawford, 1942 (The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.)


ACravan said...

It's just the nature of things to feel that I virtually own this poem because I've read it and it's seeped into my memory. But I must say that my materially acquisitive urges are aroused by seeing this Crawford. Boy, would I love to have the painting on my wall. Curtis

TC said...


I'll see what I can do.