Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TC: Blur/Lens


The "I" and the eye
A glass for seeing
Always cloudy
The days go by
The world spins round
The subject is always moving
The mind can't keep up
It's all a blur
The eye and the "I"
A glass for seeing
Always cloudy

Every two hours I wipe off my glasses

File:2005-12-25 Magnifying drop.jpg

Colorful blur created by moving subject, moving camera and 1/13 second exposure: photo by Robert Lawton, 2006
Golden Gate Bridge refracted in rain drops acting as lenses: photo by Mila Zinkova, 2007
Magnifying and light collecting effect of a drop of oil on a glass plate held a short distance above a text: photo by Roger McLassus, 2005


Anonymous said...

In Quaker Meetings you occasionally hear someone say (in response to another person's vocal testimony) "the Friend speaks my mind". I think this speaks to everyone, whatever the state of their eyesight. Before reading this, passing between rooms at home yesterday, I visually blurred three things together -- the room I was leaving, the hallway I was crossing (and a room to the side that was visible out of the corner of my eye) and the foyer I was approaching -- with several "task thoughts" racing through my mind and multiple worries. I felt all this happening, understood and assented to its implications and sighed. Blur/Lens pretty well sums up my experience. My eyesight is worsening and I don't clean my glasses nearly enough.

TC said...

Curtis, I know what you mean. The eyes are going, the glasses (too) are old and don't work any more, and all those seeming smears and scratches on the specs can't be wiped away, because they aren't there.

Sometimes I try wearing some old trifocals over some old bifocals. Yegads, the horror!

Anonymous said...

I believe you're uninterested (please forgive me if I've chosen the wrong word) in monetizing this area of your activity, but an enlightened member of the optometry marketing/advertising profession could and should adopt this poem and its imagery for use in a national campaign. It moves the ball forward.

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