Monday, October 4, 2010

TC: Punctum



Hot spring, Leirhnj├║kur, Iceland
: photo by Andreas Tile, 1996

A point is fixed at the
intersection between the
personal and the rest

of the cosmos, and that
nexus is the source
of the flood of speech

the desperate polyphony
of conflicting meanings
empties continually into,

all signs condensed into
a single line leading
out from this dust mote sized

fraction of the history of
a very tiny star into the
silence everywhere around it


Wolf 359, the orange object just above the center of the image, a red dwarf star located in the constellation Leo 7.8 light years from earth, one of the faintest and lowest-mass stars known, with a photosphere temperature low enough for chemical compounds to form and survive: astrophotograph by Klaus Hohmann, 2006


Pmanso18 said...

"...the personal and the rest" -- great book title, Tom.

Curtis Roberts said...

I have been thinking about this for days. It seems to sum up a lot of my, and I daresay, everyone's daily and life experience succinctly. The photo of Iceland is about the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I've been passing it around because it's so beautiful that it makes people happy.

TC said...


Yes, "the rest" -- that's definitely the interesting part.


That photo is... what's the word? Celestial?

The divine and the human worlds may not be identical, but any possible intersections or points of contact are surely to be valued.

Carmenisacat said...

Love the hot springs What a shot.

TC said...

Thanks very much Meg. Yes, the photo is uplifting. The fingers of Allah?

Speaking of uplifting photos, I love your yesterday's aspens. (Left a note for you there.)