Thursday, July 1, 2010

TC: The Great Sphinx


doing his thing by yvetteAL.

The great Sphinx who rests solemn and enigmatic with paws folded across
his beauteous white breast

Mister Twister who astonishingly back-flexes his neck as if upon a swivel so
as the better to rearward gaze with benign wondering eyes

Old Cow able to jump over the moony night at will

Big Panda nuzzling shyly with snout and head butts and bumps reserved for those he loves

Big Bounder who comes running and leaps headlong upon tables and through doorways

Snowy Belly Boy who gazes at you blinking as if from another world

Big Penguin whose excellent black and white coat is made more splendid by careful grooming
and whose intricate and industrious pedicures are a thing of joy

Moonface Boy whose large round head contains sublunar thoughts sly and ever fleeting

Society Boy who always wants to keep his friends company and whose friends
never want to say goodbye

Doing his thing (tuxedo cat): photo by YvetteAL, 2009


Curtis Roberts said...

Our family thanks you for this. This is how cats are. And lots of other ways also. But always beautiful, fascinating and illustrative of the best lesson you can give to children (who don't always need it) and adults (who usually do): let them be themselves, reveal themselves, and let them come to you. A long time ago I read that proportionally, if set into a human face, cats’ eyes would be as large as softballs. That tells you a lot (about sublunar thoughts, lunar thoughts and other things). I hate to single out a single cat here, but I must say that I’d love to see Mister Twister in action. Best wishes for a good Fourth of July. Curtis, Caroline and Jane

TC said...

Many thanks Curtis, and our best wishes for a happy Fourth to you and Caroline and Jane.

This fellow's name was Little Prince though he was enormous. The names given him in the poem are some of his many names. Over the decades we have been blessed by many wonderful feline companions. This one was the best of the blessed. He was a survivor of bad mistreatment in a bad part of a bad town. He brought to us nothing that was not good. All he took away with him was our great gratitude and love.

It was about this time of year he fell fatally ill and so this post is a commemoration of sorts.

Curtis Roberts said...

Our collective first thought on seeing the post was "what an beautiful cat; what an amazing picture". Then on to the poem, but back to the picture, naturally. Wow and wow. We'll remember him also always.

Curtis Roberts said...

Completing that collective first thought, we'd also like to say that we felt such a feeling of love, relaxation,intellectual acuity and comfort in the photograph that we haven't been able to get it out of our minds. Meeting The Great Sphinx made our day.