Sunday, January 31, 2010

TC: Pam Brown: In the Blue Mountains


File:Forest in the bluemountains.jpg

hoping for a place

deep in the shade

verandahs all around,

to contemplate

what brought us here

File:Forest in b-mountains.jpg

excerpt from "Worldly goods": True Thoughts, Pam Brown, Salt Publishing, 2008
Forest in the Blue Mountains: photos by Adam J.W.C., 2008


TC said...

Many thanks to Pam for her swell new book and permission to invite ourselves thereto, allowing us to virtually escape winter for a moment.

Let us arise and go now to a verandah, or possibly even
a Verandah Grande
, s'il vous plait.

Should things get dull, which is unlikely, we can always escape, even in the rare Blue Mountains blizzard, like Mertz, through the verandah roof.

pb said...

Thanks for this generous gesture Tom.
Yes, I am currently living in a house with verandahs on three sides, but it's in the town, Blackheath, not near the canyons and blue gum forests and creeks.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Tom, I'm up way too late putting a first crack into this interview for Kent. But at least the house will be warm for S. in just another hour when she rises for the woodstove swing-shift. Bleary-eyed I had to come to the blue gum forest and stick my head into the glassy crik, and read Pam's poem one more time. Been there, done that, and I'll do it again.

TC said...

What is it about a verandah, then, that makes us so long for one?

Here's a verandah poem I bet Pam would know, it's by her countrywoman Jean Kent:

This is the country
Where feelings stay unspoken.
In the home paddock of the head,
Harvesting is private. Between the ripening
Thoughts and the reality of speech,
there is always this silence
this space between warzones
bordering us as the verandah
boards the deep space
between the heart of the house
and the world.


(from 'Verandah Poems: Under a Roof of Rippled Tin')

Rachel Loden said...
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Rachel Loden said...

Pam Brown is a genius sleight-of-hand artist. I don't understand how she does what she does, but you can watch her do it here.

Speaking for myself, I like to clutch the verandah post to keep from swooning.

TC said...

I'm more of a take-me-by-the-hand-and-point-me-toward-the-hammock person, myself.