Thursday, December 17, 2009

TC: Following Rivers into the Night


Edge of the Amargosa Desert: Maynard Dixon, 1927 (Nevada Museum of Art)

for Ed Dorn

I guess it’s because
the only things left in this West
I can have any real
respect for
are beauty of character
and beauty of nature

and you know the two
breed one another
in those long miles where
there is nothing to do
as the sun goes down
over the flat horizon
but watch it slowly gild
the surfaces of rivers
from the Belle Fourche
(or Foosh, as the locals say)
to the Cimarron
which will push on into
the darkness with its light
flickering over them like a skin.


Ed Baker said...

for the life of me
I could not recall
the name of this desert

in which I camped-out
with blankets

in late summer of 1997

during that few moments between moon and sun

a full moon very low in the
horizon on one side

and a full sun on the other

I heard from far away a "woosh, woosh" sound

and inside the sun's perfect

a bird...

I did an haiga w the poem:





here - the piece is as it became part of SHRIKE:

thanks I should have kept more intense notebooks...

I mostly rely on memories!

TC said...


A bit more of Maynard Dixon: some thumbnails here.