Thursday, June 11, 2009

TC: Postconceptualism


File:Robot-human-face onscreen.jpg

I like breathing better than wireless ideation
But strange is the human meat
When it is ripped out of the atmosphere
And arrows are shot into it

File:Giovanni Baleison - Main altar in the Cappella San Sebastiano - detail.jpg

Nothing is personal then

And everything is true
Including love's great circumambience
And the skull in the mirror

File:Acherontia lachesis.jpg

File:Odznaka Dywizjonu Huzarów Śmierci wz. 1920 - replika.jpg

The mortal intimation
Of souls of beings long since lost
In a forgotten past
And the deep pink nescience

Of the thought evacuated tissue
Glaring back at you
Through the empty eyeholes
In the mask

File:Plante Mask.jpg

She Sees Him (Human Emulation Robot): photo by Steve Jurvetson, 2004
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (detail): Giovanni Baleison, 1484 (Main altar, Cappella San Sebastiano, Marmora, Cuneo, Italy)
Death's-head Hawkmoth (Acherontia lachesis): photo by Trevor Hartsell, 2006
Polish Death Hussar Insignia 1920, from M. Gajewski, Replika odznaki Dywizjonu Huzarów Smierci, 1920: photo by Kuczman, 2009
Jacques Plante's original fiberglass goaltender's mask (1959): photo by Horge, 2008


TC said...

Click on the top image. Her facial recognition software makes the interactions eerie.

Tom Raworth said...

...the sleep that passeth all concepts... Tom

Dale said...

Tom, this kicks ass!