Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Quote Is Helping

"But if you want my blessing for your home, it should have one further characteristic: you must give yourself away in some little detail. Your home should purposely show up some weakness of yours. This may seem to be a field in which the architect's authority ceases, but no architectural creation is complete without some such trait: it will not be alive. This trait can be compared to the need for a particularly subtle kind of humor to expose one's own weaknesses."

— Alvar Aalto

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Anonymous said...

V--This has indeed proved helpful. One's disorder can use a healthy swat on the back every now and again. (Cough!)

And speaking of funny little signs of weakness (or should one say life) in one's house, another small guiding-light quote that slunk through this month, almost unnoticed:

"If a thing is not worth doing, it's worth doing right."